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Samstag, 22. März 2014

Il Da Morte - Death Metal

Latest news: 

Great new review for their last album online (points: 8/10)
you can read it here at: Mundo Rock & Heavy Webzine desde Chile

Home: USA, Springfield, MO
Genre: Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal

Sounds like: Black Sabbath, Slayer band, Crowbar

Band Contact:

Booking (Germany/Europe): KBM Management (Tours)


Eric Evatt - Vocals and Lead Guitar
Dick Payne - Bass Guitar
Roger George - Percussion

In the fall of 2011, Eric Evatt, Dick Payne, and Roger George began creating the foundation of what has come to be known as Il Da Morte. Drawing upon songs written by Eric Evatt, they quickly found their sound and niche within the local metal scene. Quickly, they began to write more material and progress into the powerhouse trio that they are today.
The sound of Il Da Morte draws heavily upon the influences of old school metal, delivering a brutality laced groove. Being a trio, their sound is composed of grooves and breakdowns as opposed to the blistering ego-feeding guitar solos of other bands. The thick rhythm section of Dick Paynes low end thundering bass and Roger Georges intricate but in the pocket drums set the foundation for Eric Evatts crushing yet melodic guitar work. Live, Il Da Morte dominates every stage they step foot on with a professional determination to leave the audience screaming for more. 

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