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Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

Nando Herrera- Metal / All genres

Nando Herrera- Metal / All genres

Members: Nando Herrera (con InMemoriam ArEs en algunas, con otros músicos en otras, o solo yo)
Sounds Like: InMemoriam ArEs, Music Vicente Frías, Ronnie Romero (FANS PAGE OFICIAL), Angel Rubin (Oficial), José Rubio's Nova Era
Label: Almäví Producciones
Manager: Nando Herrera, KBMP International (Promotion)

No, don't think wrong. I am still one of the two InMemoriam ArEs' vocalists. It's my mother band, where I come from, and where I am.
This is simply to separate the independent musical projects of the band, but without ignoring IMAE at all.

I'ma musician who sings (something that weighs more than one, consider myself a singer who sometimes compose​​), completely autodidact, which is not the same as saying "without studies". To this must be studied, even for your own.
As I say, I'ma musician, singer, lyricist, composer, producer, and here in this profile will upload songs, or I have composed, or play, or just because I like the vocal line that developed it, so don't be surprised that many songs are of InMemoriam ArEs, because as I said, I remain a member and for many years.
I'll upload songs also made ​​to order, as it is another facet to which I do, and if you find songs that have nothing to do with the style you'd expect, not really sorry, on the contrary, I'm happy, is what I seek, you listen all my facets, without exception, so get used to if you go to listen a piano ballad, a piano instrumental and nature, a techno and break beat, a thash metal, or if it suits me, a black metal, drone or funeral doom. Or even a experimental music.
I want you to know me as I am musically, so if you want, and feel make ready ', come with me on this way, and together we will be discovering new sounds to which certainly none are accustomed.
I don't love music, I love the sound itself, so I am indifferent to the style or genre. If I like, I like. No more.
A hug.
IMAE (InMemoriam ArEs; metal)
C.A.O.S. Project (electronic)
Nando Herrera (covers and anything else I can think of)
Iesus / Ianus: Blasphemy (metal opera with IMAE and other artists)

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