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Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

GUN SMUT from Owen Sound, ON, CA Rock / Rock n Roll / Punk Rock


Genres: Rock / Rock n Roll / Punk Rock

Members: Bee Bee Gunz: vocals guitars, Buster Chops:bass bg vocals, Missy Lynx:drums

Self professed "Potty Rockers" GUN SMUT are the musical equivelant of a habenero growler. 


With a guitar that threatens to Crash N Burn all the way to the end, Punk-passion Vocals, and a Rock N Roll
Rhythm Section that just won't quit, this chain gang is NOT sorry for Potty Rocking.
GUN SMUT is the New Wave of Rock n Roll. Punk Rock and Rock and Rolls' bastard son. Tomorrows Classic Rock Today... Rock n roll guitar-rebel Bee Bee Gunz, world famous cat rock drummer Missy Lynx, and, her partner in crime Buster Chops on the short scale bass. Hallelujah Rock N Roll!!! GUN SMUT RAWKS!

 Together We Can Grow !! Spread the words and Share the Links !!
Any Support Is Very Welcome !!
Thank You !!

For Management & Label applications pls send us your CD or Copy of your CD plus your bio/infos about your music and goals to:
 KBMP International * Neddener Dorfstrasse * 27308 Kirchlinteln/Germany
Official Webpage

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