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Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

XAKESTAR - Band of the Day !!

The Indie Musicians Listing's .. Artist Of The Day .. for Thursday the 22nd is .. Mo Khojasteh .. Please Share His Band .. Xakestar .. And Play Their Music As Much As You Can !! \m/

Hometown: Falun, SE
Genres: Metal / Doom/Gothic
Members: Mo. Khojasteh, Hani Rajabi
Xakestar is an original Persian Rock band from Tehran-Iran that is currently active in Sweden.The band was formed
in early 1999 by Mo. Khojasteh (lead guitars, bass, and synthesizers).
Behruz Bazargan joined the band quickly as a drummer. Hani Rajabi
(electronics, keyboards, synthesizers, and lead vocal) was invited to play the

Band Profile 

Keys, synthesizers and piano have an important role on their unique music. The
band was supposed to work as a black metal band but for internal reasons they
refused to play in this style. There are many records that show they can play
Progressive Rock music to a high level. Now Xakestar is a combination of many
Rock and Metal styles. They have had 2 official live performances at Tehran/Iran
which were extremely successful. The Farabi Hall live performance became a
headline in many musical and art communities in Tehran as the tickets were sold
out quickly. They attached a few cover songs from the better-know bands like
Pink Floyd, Moonspell, Hypocrisy and Bathory to their originally composed
pieces. The band tried to add their taste of Electronic music to their records
and the cover songs. Following their 2nd live performance, the legal
restrictions in Iran did not allow the band to go on making music and performing
their music the way that they wanted to. In addition their music was banned officially in 2003 inside Iran.

Xakestar were largely inactive following their concerts. The band started
recording music independently, making a lot of progress, forming their style of
music, as they are doing it now. After some years of hard experimental work they
started to record their new album and they are on it now. You can follow their
activities by visiting their official home page:

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