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Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Le Mystique - Band of the Day !

The Indie Musicians Listing's .. "Artist Of The Day" .. For Friday, May the 4th .. Jimmy Dukelow .. Please Share His Band .. Le Mystique and Play Their Music as much as you can ... \m/

Hometown: Sterling, IL, US
Genres: Indie / mystical blues / funk N dance
Label: Toe Jam
Members: Jimmy Dukelow-Lead Guitar, Vocals, Drew Dillon -bass and vocals, Clay Sibley -guitar and vocals, Ray Darsidan drums, percussion and keyboards, Christopher Perry 

Jimmy D singer/songwriter First published song, Angels, Roses and Stars (1997) Wrote and recorded ambient classic guitar music, Peace and Ambience and Wish Disc. Was an guru in its earlier days. Formed Le Mystique just this past year. The band is going through its incarnation. The performing members of the band at its current: 

Jimmy Dukelow-lead guitar and vocals, Clay Sibley-guitar and vocals, Drew Dillon-bass and vocals. Christopher Perry-keyboards. Ray Darsidan-Drums, percussion and Keyboards. Le Mystique will be playing their fist public appearance at the Starlight's Theatre in Sterling, Illinois. The band is also looking to play some near-future engagements in the Chitown area.
This band is also the performing musicians for a signed, upcoming pop/dance star.
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This group is to help promote Unsigned and Indie Artists... The members of this group are all Musicians,Promoters,DJ's and Music supporters there's many great Contacts to make..So feel free to share and Please Support Each Other !!! We are here to make this group different than All The Rest !! Work together and please don't fill the wall with "Spam" !! We Will Like your pages.. Be Respectful and Like Others !!! \m/
 Some Infos -HOW TO BECOME .. The Indie Musician's Listings- "ARTIST OF THE DAY "
via Morbid North: I have been asked many times ..How to become an Artist Of The Day... Everyone who participates Has been added to a list... We cannot check to see who plays songs for the AOTD.. However We Can See Who Shares The Other Artists !! As we decide who will be next... We will check your pages.. Please Be Sure to Share the AOTD.. Or We Won't Know If You Are Participating !! \m/


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