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Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Dogs on Lead from Hildesheim, DE


Hometown: Hildesheim, DE
Genres: Rock / Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Members: Vocals ?? May YOU ??, Jost- guits, Philipp- bass, Chris- drums 
It all began in 1986 when Christoph Miethe (Drums) and Jost Schlüter (Guitars) foundet the band Streetfire. The two stayed together since that and transformed into D.O.L. Later Philipp Kloppenburg (Bass) and Thomas Fallschessel (Vocals, Rhythm guitar) joined, and perfectly completed the current quarted. Their songs shows quite clearly the music-style, which did the rock music unmistakable in the seventies and eighties. Whether with their own stamping seeds arrangements, the engaged lyrics and in addition the expression-strong vocalparts, or with the interpretation of coverversions Thomas, Jost, Philipp and Christoph remain faithfully for their idols like Van Halen, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and nevertheless puts a proper portion of own Groove into their songs. Unequivocally, this four have to say something in the rock music-scene. Therefore, it doesn't astonish at all that the in 1993 created Dogs on Lead, equipped with big ambition and professionality, could their public inspire as support acted for bands like Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Bonfire, Pat Savage (Canada), Schröders, M3 Classic Whitesnake and Rodgau Monotones . For example their songs run on following radio-stations: Radio DLF Berlin, FFN, Radio 21, Webradio Sternenengel and soon also on Musically Incorrect an Australian radio station. In 1997 celebrated D.O.L. their television debut with OKTV. Without doubt promising activities are planned for the future, because some magazines and radio-stations in Germany, Europe and overseas became aware of the band. From their first release in 1996 Hot (short-players with 5 songs) sold the band more than thousand Cd's. The inquiry of the second EP "Play it Loud" demands likewise raised attention on this band.

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Die Jungs rund um die Hardrock Combo von Dogs on Lead aus Hildesheim suchen einen neuen Sänger, um auch Live wieder durchstarten zu können.
Vocalisten scheut euch nicht mit Christoph in Kontakt zu treten ;-))!!

Christoph  (@)

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