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Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

Merry Christmas

♥ MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy Holidays

We say thank you for the great cooperation and incredible support we got for our artists.


We wish all friends, bands and artists and partners a wonderful christmas time and successful start into the new year 2013

Yours, Kimmy


♥ Frohe Weihnachten & Eine schöne Urlaubszeit ♥

Wir bedanken uns für die tolle Zusammenarbeit und super Unterstützung, die wir für unsere Künstler erhalten haben.


Allen Freunden, Bands und Künstlern und Musikpartnern

wünschen wir ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest

und einen erfolgreichen Start ins Jahr 2013 !!

Eure Kimmy


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Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

JOHN MAUN from Pagosa Springs, CO (US) -- Rock

KBM Promotion (Germany) proudly presents :

JOHN MAUN from Pagosa Springs, CO (US)

Hometown: Pagosa Springs, CO, US
Genres: Singer Songwriter / Rock / Indie Rock

JohnMaun, has a storied musical past as well as a vibrant musical present.
He has performed 100's of shows throughout the U.S. as a member of popular bands in Southern California (E-Ticket,The Scam) as well as regional favorites Mind Ur Head, Brian Flynn All-Stars (members of Sammy Hagar's band, Lynard Skynard, Weather Report, Blackfoot). John has been honored with a "Platinum Auddy" as a songwriter and also earned a top 20 award/editors pick from His high energy performances along with his acoustic prowess always entertains.

John' s Project "The Trust" 


The Trust is an ongoing project, conceived by JohnMaun, of bringing together musical talent from all over the United States and elsewhere with the idea of collaborating and producing music that spans all genres. Music that is based on the artists conceptions, not the fashion of the moment. With world class production, and world class musicians, The Trust is dedicated solely to the music. The first effort is set for release in 2011, with more to come.
First project contributors:

Brian Flynn
Ian Falgout
Michael Coto
Jeff Dysinger
Diane Maun
Doug Phillips
Josh Simmons
D.C. Duncan
Stephen Tholberg
Bob Hemenger

It's the music that matters.
If you like "John's Music and Project "The Trust" please buy it !!


This group is to help promote Unsigned and Indie Artists... The members of this group are all Musicians,Promoters,DJ's and Music supporters there's many great Contacts to make..So feel free to share and Please Support Each Other !!! We are here to make this group different than All The Rest !! Work together and please don't fill the wall with "Spam" !! We Will Like your pages.. Be Respectful and Like Others !!! \m/
          "Artist of the Day" June, the 12th


Some Infos -HOW TO BECOME .. The Indie Musician's Listings- "ARTIST OF THE DAY "

via Morbid North: I have been asked many times ..How to become an Artist Of The Day... Everyone who participates Has been added to a list... We cannot check to see who plays songs for the AOTD.. However We Can See Who Shares The Other Artists !! As we decide who will be next... We will check your pages.. Please Be Sure to Share the AOTD.. Or We Won't Know If You Are Participating !! \m/

More great artists on "THE I M L - PLAYLIST" here : 

 Together We Can Grow !! Spread the words and Share the Links !!
Any Support Is Very Welcome !!
Thank You !!

Samstag, 17. November 2012

Kimmy B Shade's 2nd Album work is finished !!

Hello Friends :) !!

The Album work is finished and now we are really happy to start with the promotion.


Official release of “The Stranger between… It’s Me”
in stores like: iTunes, Amazon, Musicload etc. will be the 21th of September, but possibly also already a little bit earlier at bandcamp...... ;-)

Any help is more than Welcome!! If you are interested to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us !! 

Likewise all Songs are also ready and free for Radio Airplay, let me know if there's an interest too, to play my music on your station !!

Thanks for all your support !! Much Love ♥ and… A Happy Successful Time !!

Yours Kimmy


CD (limited edition) €10,00 incl. shipment within Germany (€ 12,00 world)

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**Mobile Artist Page**


"The Stranger between... Its Me" Album Release Party:
21.09.12 - Westerstede (GER) - Eiscafe Claudio (Kulinarische Nacht)

Album Credits:

IMMT Records / Studio 11
Karl-Peters-Str. 59
28217 Bremen

All Songs Arranged, Produced
& Recorded by:
Ecki Ziehn (Studio 11 Bremen)
Phone: 0421 / 278 7536

All Vocals (backings) & Lyrics by: Kimmy B Shade
some Lyric parts of "The Stranger" by John Harvey (US)

Cover/Booklet Artwork & Photos by: Blue Corner Media


Sonntag, 11. November 2012

HYPE! - Rock / Alternative / Grunge

KBM Promotion proudly presents :


Home: Zrenjanin, RS 
Genre: Rock / Alternative / Grunge

Members: Darko Kurjak (drums-back vocals), Milos Kralj (bass), Gaga Lee (lead vocal), 
Pavle Kircanski (guitar-back vocals) and Dalibor Kurjak (guitar)

Sounds Like: Guano Apes, Garbage, Skunk Anansie, Iggy Pop, Danko Jones
Label: Odlican hrcak
Manager: Dragana Mijatovic, KBMP International (Promotion)

DRAGONFYRE - Rock / Metal / Alternative Rock

KBM Promotion proudly presents :


Home: Saskatoon, SK, CA 
Genre: Rock / Metal / Alternative Rock

Members: STUDIO: Trent Morley - ALL bass, guitars, vocals and drum programing and production. LIVE: Trent Morley - Bass/Vocals, ??? - guitar, ??? - drums
Sounds Like: Mötorhead, Danko Jones, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden
Manager: KBMP International (Promotion)

DRAGONFYRE is the pet project of Canadian bassist Trent Morley Oleksuik. It's aimed at just getting song ideas out and seeing what kind of sound and vibe comes across. Tired of the 'watered down' perfection type of recording abundant in fm radio hard rock of today saturating the airwaves, DRAGONFYRE goes in a direction of the past in a more 'stripped down' kind of sense..just guitar, bass, drums and vocals in a 'rehearsal' kind of atmosphere. What you hear is what you get...basically, it's all about doing what you do and finding your own niche..that is where DRAGONFYRE is coming from. It's raw, it's real...nuances are ALL left in and pitch correction and 'cut/paste' routines that are abundant in today's scene have absolutely NO place's the nuances and realism in a 'live' performance that gives bands and musicians their identity...There used to be a time in rock and roll where bands had their own sound, their own style and weren't 'manufactured' off an assembly line with the cropped haircuts, t shirt and jeans, same compressed sounding cd's and the like only to make some record company a buck or 2..people did what they did because it was who THEY are..not what someone else wanted them to be...and that is where this project is coming from in a sense...being what Trent Morley sees himself writing and talking about within his songs..A bit of life experience, fantasy, and realism..

 Together We Can Grow !! Spread the words and Share the Links !!
Any Support Is Very Welcome !!
Thank You !!

For Management & Label applications pls send us your CD or Copy of your CD plus your bio/infos about your music and goals to:
 KBMP International * Neddener Dorfstrasse * 27308 Kirchlinteln/Germany
Official Webpage

Profil von Kimmy B Shade auf LinkedIn anzeigen